tEh gEek ReKaMintz
Mr StUf
R U a GeEk?
u gEt uP AT 3 a.m. 2 GO 2 THE bATHROom & sTOP 2 cHECk uRemAIL On uRWay bACK 2 bED.”

If U wuz, o be, inta wrestlN, basement thiz video be 4 U. It comez from justJesman’z Youtube channel. ThR’z a reverence huhhh 2 many f teh ol-school wreztlerz from teh 70’z & 80’z aroun teh time we wuz R inta teh sport. SeeN some f teez guyz again brN z B fon memoriez, like unru Roddy Pipr, Teh British Bulldog, Te Dibiase, & many moe.

But wea’z Sgt. Slauter & teh Iron Sheik? Smile


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Rel8 poztz broute 2 U by Yet Anothr Rel8 Poztz Plugin.

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sTiLl mR sTuF
pLz Go2
tEh gEeK’Z sPoNsOr